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An Engagement at Sunset...

As I sit here on a Friday night with a Twinkle in hand (Google it, it's delicious) and the football is on in the background (not my choice might I add) I can't believe that a mere two or so weeks ago I got engaged, on a beach, in the Cook Islands... at sunset.

It was the sort of engagement that Instagram dreams are made of and I still can't quite believe that it happened to me. Was my makeup perfect and my reaction dignified? Absolutely not - my was hair tangled from swimming all day as I basically think I'm a mermaid come summertime and why waste time on makeup when glowing skin is always in? As for my reaction, I burst into tears (in a totally ugly crying sort of way) and stayed in shock for several minutes before being prompted by Jon for my answer because I hadn't actually said yes (or no) yet.

After (of course) saying yes, moments of hugging, feeling overwhelmed and Jon cursing another couple that were on the beach when he had wanted the whole thing to be private, my bridey sense kicked in and I grabbed our camera, captured the insane light from the sunset and then hastily wrote 'Engaged 7.1.19' in the sand before the tide came in, the sun dipped below the sea and this day disappeared.

As we dined on seafood and a few bottles of wine with our toes in the sand we went through phases of texting family and friends, holding hands, drinking too quickly and updating social media. Then, us being us and with careers in the events & hospitality industry we also quickly dived into wedding planning - our hopes and dreams, wants and needs... and before we knew it, were back at our suite, sat on our balcony and choosing our first dance song.

A tipsy end to a perfect day!

Now we are back in the UK and normal life has resumed but I am flaunting a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring on the fourth finger of my left hand, an heirloom that was an anniversary gift to Jon's Great Grandmother... and I ask myself, was this engagement the way I imagined it? Was the ring what I wanted? Did I tell people the way I wanted to and in the most creative way possible?

It was none of that, it was authentic. It was reflective of our surroundings, the holiday we had had and the part of the world that I wanted to experience with Jon. It was about love (I know I know... cringe Sarah!), it was about two parents being away in paradise for one evening celebrating 4 years together and just enjoying one of natures magical moments and not having a care in the world.

I guess I say this because I had an idea of the engagement I might like, I've asked my girlfriends how they would like to be proposed to and you know what, when it happened, it was never as they thought it would be. It's always been different with a deeper meaning than any of us could have imagined and if you're the one proposing and you have that much courage to ask someone to be your partner for the rest of your life then make sure that however you do it is what you want as your memory too.

It's so easy to be swayed by social media, to feel that your story isn't as picture perfect as someone else's or that it should be! But when you think about how monumental these moments are and how it should stay as a special memory for life - no matter what happens, then I think that's what is important.

I hope you will join me as I take you on my very own wedding planning journey in the following months and I'm really excited to share these experiences with you as well as give you an insight into how I plan a wedding (and how much I love a spreadsheet!)

Sarah X

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