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Taking The Time To Enjoy Your Engagement...

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting moments in your life and with the amount of genuine thought and heartfelt planning that partners put into a proposal it's only fair that this milestone is celebrated. 

Every engagement (whether it's your first or fourth) is special, it signifies the start of a commitment to another person and the life that you plan to create together.  Whether you and your partner choose to celebrate this intimately or throw a huge party is entirely your prerogative but over the years I have seen

 how important it is to really just enjoy this part of the wedding planning process and revel in that newly engaged bliss! 

Below are a few (of what I hope are) helpful tips to guide you through this wonderful time... 

Just Be In Love 

Corny I know, but true! You will feel this amazing surge of love for your partner once engaged and although it sounds all a bit cringey you should embrace this wonderful feeling and let yourselves be as loved up as you like!

As strange as it sounds, jumping straight onto excel to draw up a budget can be quite the mood killer so just snuggle up and enjoy each others company. 

Also, remember that if you were the one being proposed to then nows your chance to really show your partner how much you appreciate the effort they went to and remember, they could have been planning this for a while so no matter how big or small the proposal was, the whole process may have been super emotional and stressful for them! 

Drink All The Champagne 

Or whatever celebratory beverage tickles your fancy! Family, friends, colleagues will be dying to celebrate with you and whilst it can all seem a bit daunting try to just revel in it! 

There will be plenty of time in a few weeks, or a month to look over finances and start to save but for now enjoy the attention and let people spoil you. Remember as well that groups of friends normally get engaged / married around the same time so chances are within a few weeks it will be someone else's turn. 

Managing Expectations 

It will surprise you how many people will expect you to know all the finer details of your wedding from the moment you become engaged. It may be that you and  your partner have already discussed exactly what you want for your wedding day and actually do have a colour scheme, invitation list and budget at the ready BUT remember, you are allowed to 1) change your mind and 2) keep it to yourself. 

Much like buying a house or having a baby people will have copious amounts of advice for you around planning a wedding so in order to keep stress to a minimum following your immediate engagement just decide together whether or not you want to discuss any ideas or plans you already have with people and feel free to tell everyone that you are giving yourself some time before all the planning begins to just enjoy your engagement. 

Making It Public

For some, an announcement across social media is the perfect way to tell your nearest and dearest the big news! There is no right or wrong way of doing this but I believe it's important to make sure it's a joint decision.

Perhaps one of you would prefer to tell people in person first, or would prefer that the details of the engagement (along with any images of a ring) were kept personal, if only for a while. 

Tell parents / close friends what you have decided to do as well in case they tell others who start posting about it publicly when you actually wanted to keep it quiet. 

For anything that you do want to put out over social media maybe just check with your partner before you click that 'post' button!

This engagement is about the two of you and it will stand you in good stead throughout wedding planning if your communication is on point from day one. 

And last but never ever least... 

Throw A Party 

More on this in the next blog post but what I will say is that having an engagement party is a great way to celebrate with everyone and can be a great way to get into planning mode without it being too daunting! 

Until next week! 

Let's Socialise! 

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